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NE Calgary Dentist - Resources

Dental Services in NE Calgary

At Monterey Dental Centre, we’ve been dedicated to offering a wide array of dental services to our beloved NE Calgary community for over three decades. Our team, inclusive of Drs. Michelle Carlson, Erin Wilderman, Christopher Jones, Cocoa Huang, Kirk Martin, and in-house denturist Franco Disciglio, are skilled in providing comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s needs.

Finding a Dentist in NE Calgary

Choosing the right dentist is vital for your oral health. Located in the Monterey Square Shopping Plaza, our clinic is easily accessible for residents in Monterey Park and beyond. We ensure a pleasant and professional environment, treating every patient with the utmost care and respect.

Emergency Dental Care in NE Calgary

Unexpected dental emergencies can be stressful. We offer prompt and efficient emergency dental services to address pain and prevent further complications. Whether it's a broken tooth or acute pain, our team is here to help.

Affordable Dental Clinics in NE Calgary

Ensuring our services are affordable is a priority. We adhere to the latest dental fee guide and offer direct billing to insurance companies, making dental care more accessible for our patients.

Pediatric Dentistry in NE Calgary

Children’s dentistry holds a special place at Monterey Dental Centre. Our environment is kid-friendly, complete with a play area and entertainment to make dental visits enjoyable for our youngest patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options in NE Calgary

From teeth whitening to veneers, our cosmetic dentistry services are designed to boost your smile and confidence. We use the latest techniques to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

Orthodontic Treatments in NE Calgary

We provide orthodontic solutions, including Invisalign®, to correct misalignments and create harmonious smiles. Our team is adept at determining the best treatment plan for both teens and adults.

Dental Implants in NE Calgary

Dental implants offer a durable replacement for missing teeth, functional and aesthetically pleasing. We specialize in implant procedures, ensuring results that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Oral Hygiene Tips from NE Calgary Dentists

Our commitment to your oral health extends beyond our clinic. We provide valuable advice on maintaining optimal dental hygiene, including proper brushing, flossing techniques, and regular check-ups.

Reviews of NE Calgary Dentists

Our dedication to patient satisfaction is reflected in our many positive reviews. With a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from over 600 visitors, our community’s feedback motivates us to continuously improve and adhere to the highest standards of dental care.

Monterey Dental Centre is more than just a clinic; it’s a place where patients are treated like family, with their oral health as our top priority. Serving Monterey Park and surrounding areas, we invite you and your family to experience comprehensive dental care in a welcoming environment. For appointments or more information, call us at (403) 293-7818.

Additional Resources:

Bradford Dental
We truly hope you never require emergency Bradford dental care, but if you do, we will be here. We are Bradford Dental Care. Find our caring clinic at 140 Holland Street West in Bradford, Ontario at the SE corner of Collings Avenue and Holland Street. Please call 905.775.5553 for urgent care.

Downtown Calgary Emergency Dentist
Canterra Dental
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When you need a downtown Calgary emergency dentist, call the caring team at Canterra Dental Centre at 403-237-6611. If you're not sure if a dental problem is an emergency, dentists offer this simple advice: If it hurts, it's an emergency. Canterra Dental specializes in treating almost all dental emergencies ranging from broken teeth to oral injuries. Don't suffer needlessly- call today.

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Calgary Lower Back Pain
Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic
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Schedule a session with Calgary lower back pain specialists from Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic to get to the root of your back pain and experience relief once and for all. New patients qualify for a complete Chiropractic Exam at the special price of just $40, a limited time offer that will save you $100 off of the regular fee.