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Are you Missing Multiple Teeth? Dentures May Be for You!

Unfortunately, missing teeth can make your cheeks look hollow and your mouth look sunken. More importantly, your diet can suffer. Those missing multiple teeth in a row may want to consider dentures for both cosmetic purposes and overall wellness. Depending on the number of teeth missing, we may suggest partial or full dentures. During your consultation, we’ll assess all your options, and you can choose what you feel most comfortable with.

We are excited to help you take the first steps in replacing your missing teeth. Our denturist Franco Disciglio is here to make this process effortless and seamless.

Dentures are removable prosthetic devices that are used to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They are a popular and effective solution for people who have lost their teeth due to injury, decay, or disease.

Conventional Full Dentures

Full Dentures are the most common denture appliances made. After the affected teeth are removed, a full denture can be crafted to fit either the upper arch, lower arch or both. The upper denture has a pink denture base that extends across the roof of the mouth to create suction and help keep the denture in place. The lower denture is u-shaped and is designed to fit snugly along the bottom ridge of the jaw.

The term “false teeth” concerns a lot of people. However, our denturist takes every step to ensure that your dentures look as natural as possible. Innovations in replacement tooth design have come a long way in making the false teeth look incredibly natural.

Partial Dentures

If you have one or more of your own natural teeth remaining, then a removable partial denture can be considered.  A partial denture replacement is made up of a gum-coloured plastic base connected to a metal framework. This framework clips onto the remaining natural teeth to hold the denture in place in the mouth.

In some cases, a fixed bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, can also be considered as a treatment option when adjacent natural teeth are there to support the bridge.  A dental “bridge” is considered permanent because it is cemented into place and is not removable. The advantage of the fixed partial denture is that it stays securely in place.

The Dentures Process:

  1. The first step in getting dentures is to visit a dentist or prosthodontist for a consultation and examination.
  2. The dentist will take impressions of your mouth and use them to create a custom mold for your dentures.
  3. The mold is sent to a dental laboratory where the dentures are fabricated.
  4. Once the dentures are ready, you will return to the dentist’s office for a fitting.
  5. Adjustments may be necessary to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

The Benefits of Dentures:

Dentures can restore your ability to eat and speak properly, which can improve your overall quality of life.

They can also help to support your facial structure and prevent sagging or wrinkling of the skin.

Dentures are a cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth compared to other options such as dental implants.

They are also a non-invasive option, which means that they do not require surgery.

How To Maintain Your Dentures:

  • It is important to clean your dentures regularly to prevent bacteria buildup and to maintain their appearance and function.
  • Dentures should be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush and mild soap or denture cleaner.
  • They should be rinsed thoroughly after cleaning to remove any residue.
  • Dentures should be stored in water or a denture solution when not in use to prevent them from drying out.
  • It is important to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure that your dentures are fitting properly and to address any issues that may arise.

Dentures FAQs

Very common! There are approximately four million estimated Canadians wearing dentures.

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be removed and placed back in your mouth. A denture consists of a plate or frame holding one or more artificial teeth in place. Dentures can take some getting used to, and while they may never feel the same as your original teeth, they can look natural and nowadays more comfortable than ever.

When it comes time to fit your full denture, it will all depend on the type of dentures you have chosen and your specific needs. The following is a basic outline of the denture creation process.

You can expect the creation and fitting of your denture to take place over several office visits. While your dentures are being made, there are immediate, temporary denture solutions to ensure that you are not missing teeth during the process. An immediate denture can be used as a temporary measure while your gums and mouth heal.

Yes, there are alternative to dentures!  Dental implants can now be used to support permanently cemented bridges, thereby eliminating the need for a denture. In the case of a poor fitting full denture, dental implants can also be used to create better support for the denture.

Please be aware that the cost of implant supported bridges and implant supported dentures is greater than that for standard dentures, but there is an added benefit in that the implant supported solutions feel more natural, are stronger and more stable and will help maintain your jaw bone over time.

Overall, dentures can be a great solution for people who have lost their teeth. They are easy to care for and can provide a natural-looking and comfortable replacement for missing teeth. If you are considering dentures, it is important to speak with a dental professional to determine if they are the right option for you.

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