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When do I need a dental filling?

For a small-to-medium cavity the dentist may recommend a dental filling. This procedure is a wonderful way to preserve your living tooth structure while removing decay. The purpose is to remove the decayed area, clean it, and fill the space with composite which is a tooth-colored filling material made of resin reinforced with silica or porcelain particles thus returning the tooth to its normal shape and function. You can expect a dental filling procedure to include these four common steps.

At Monterey Dental our dentists use Grandio Flow composite and the benefits of this type of filling is:

  1. Optimal flowability
  2. High filler degree of 80.2% w/w
  3. Exact shade match to Grandio
  4. Excellent wetting properties
  5. Micro hybrid composite like physical properties
  6. Significantly lower polymerization shrinkage than conventional flowable
  7. Particularly good abrasion resistance
  8. High transverse strength
  9. Can be used with all conventional bonding agents

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