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NE Calgary Family Dentistry

Are you looking for Family Dental Care in NE Calgary? At Monterey Dental Care, we take care of everyone from Baby Teeth to Dentures. Since everyone has unique dental needs that require attention to ensure that optimal dental health is achieved.  As varied as the stages of dental care, there are many different types of dentists, all focused on different forms of treatment – so who should you see if you are looking for Family Dental Care in NE Calgary?

Calgary Family Dental Care

Family Dentists are frequently referred to as General Dentists as they provide general dental services to patients of all ages in various scopes of dentistry.  Unlike Dental Specialists who have focused on one area of dentistry and only provide services that fall within their specialty – Family or General Dentists have elected to provide a full range of services from dental cleanings to fillings and root canals and frequently see patients who have baby, permanent or no teeth.

The Benefits Of Regular Dental Visits

Preventive Dental Care

NE Calgary Family Dentistry is focused on maintaining optimal dental health and preventing dental issues that require significant treatment.  You may have wondered why your family dentist reinforces the importance of Routine Dental Cleanings and Exams – that’s because during this type of appointment a dentist and hygienist is able to monitor the health of your teeth and other oral tissues and provide treatment that reduces the risk of developing dental decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease.  Allowing your dental team to capture x-rays on a regular basis provides an opportunity to see what is happening between teeth and below the gum line – areas that dental decay can quickly form.

Caring For Your Smile

Along with Preventive Dental Care that includes procedures like exams, cleanings and sealants – your Family Dentist also focuses on the health of individual teeth and your bite as a whole.  Restoring teeth that are damaged due to decay, trauma, clenching and grinding is an everyday event that often expands to include the crowning of teeth that have excessive damage or have been restored numerous times and requires additional support.  Your Family Dentist cares if you are happy with the health and esthetics of your smile – and is experienced in providing certain cosmetic options like Teeth Whitening and Dental Veneers that can improve the color of teeth and in the case of veneers a tooth’s shape, size and alignment.

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