Replace Your Toothbrush Every Three Months

Are you replacing your toothbrush every three months? If not, while it might still look in good shape and perform relatively well – however, trust us, your toothbrush is past its best around the three-month mark.  So, it is not just about looks and performance – lurking in and between bristles are more germs than you probably care to know about, so switching up this essential oral health tool is important to keep your teeth and gut healthy.

Our NE Calgary Family Dentists offer this Toothbrush Advice

The Dentists at Monterey Dental Centre in NE Calgary explain that your toothbrush harbors more germs than a toilet brush!  Crazy as it sounds but oh so true – your toothbrush is laden with germs that range from E.coli to Staph – just a couple of little germs that can kick up some gastrointestinal activity and make you feel less than perfect.  Keeping your brush in a cup on the counter? You may want to consider making sure that your toothbrush is at least three feet away from the toilet – as water droplets that kick-up, when the toilet is flushed, can end up on your exposed brush – introducing bacteria that really don’t belong anywhere other than a toilet.  But don’t think of covering the head of your brush with one of those plastic covers as they prevent bristles from drying and can cause a whole different set of problems.

The Importance of Regular Brushing

Changing Your Toothbrush after Sickness

Have you had a head cold, flu or other sicknesses lately?  Do you hesitate to throw out your toothbrush? Please be aware that studies now indicate that though your brush will certainly have some lingering germs your immune system will make easy work of them – just so long as they’re your germs!  Sharing a toothbrush isn’t a good idea for several reasons and introducing sickness is one of them.  When an individual brushes their teeth pathogens that are unique to their system will get transferred on to the brush.  If another person uses the same brush they are exposing themselves to these pathogens, and potentially certain illnesses.  Get your own brush and make sure your loved ones are only using theirs.

It’s no great mystery – your dentist recommends changing your toothbrush every three months to make sure that bristles are in good shape and that your smile stays in good shape.  Not sure when you last changed your brush?  It’s time!  For more information regarding toothbrushes and dental cleanings – contact Monterey Dental Centre today 403-293-7818.

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