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Are you concerned about keeping your child’s teeth cavity free? At Monterey Dental Centre, we feel there’s nothing as cute as a young smile that shows healthy white teeth.  But the Canadian Institute for Health Information shows an increase in early childhood decay – a condition that not only destroys a cute smile but can cause pain and discomfort.  The Canadian Institute for Health Information also states that ‘early childhood caries, is generally preventable’ (also called cavities) – a statement that highlights the importance of dental care in children.

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How To Prevent Dental Decay and Stay Cavity Free!

Family Dentists at Monterey Dental in NE Calgary explain that most parents understand the need to brush their child’s teeth twice a day and floss once a day.  Even a child’s oral health benefits from flossing, as food that is trapped between teeth isn’t always removed by brushing alone, and tight spaces between pearly whites are prime spots for decay to form.  Wondering what else you can do to help keep your child’s teeth cavity free?

  1. Don’t Let Your Child Brush Alone. Chubby fingers and a short attention span don’t make for a good brushing technique.  Young children often don’t have the dexterity to hold a toothbrush and use it properly.  They may find it easier to eat the toothpaste off the brush and only brush the front teeth – this is a recipe for decay.  Until your child is over the age of 8, they may still need help reaching every tooth in the mouth – and will need assistance handling a piece of dental floss.
  2. Even Healthy Foods Can Cause Cavities.  Foods like raisins may offer health benefits, but the stickiness of this high sugar treat can raise the risk of cavities.  Sticking to hard fruits and vegetables for snacking will reduce the risk of food becoming trapped in grooves and between teeth.  Foods like apples and carrots not only help remove dental plaque from tooth surfaces but tend not to become stuck on teeth.
  3. Stay Away From Sugary Drinks.  Putting your child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup full of fruit juice should be avoided.  The sugars in the fruit juice get washed over your child’s teeth throughout the night – causing teeth to be under constant acid attack.  Giving your child water to drink not only refreshes their mouth but helps rinse sugar bugs off teeth.

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Unfortunately not every child can escape the odd cavity – but taking preventable steps to reduce the incidence of dental decay is recommended.  Regular visits to the dentist for exams and cleanings is a great start – and the placement of dental sealants has also shown to help protect teeth from decay.

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